Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Last California Lunch

The day before Mattia left Santa Barbara, last June.

I decided to treat myself with the best possible wine and food tour I would want. Hopped in the car with two friends Beth and Edo (who is soon going to be a special guest cook on this blog, so stay tuned), we drove up to Los Olivos, about 45 minutes aways from Santa Barbara. It's a small farmer's town famous for good local wine and steaks, with a perfect not-so-warm summer weather to sit outside. I have really good memories of that day.

For lunch we had beef filet with homemade french fries and rucola and three different types of dessert: the best vertical tiramis├╣ of my life, chocolate brownie with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, and a little chocolate cream filled cake with raspberries on top.

YES YES YES, it was just as good as it looks like!!

We have a flight waiting for us on Thursday. We are ready for a five days vacation in London, and be sure we'll take a lot of photographs and show you all the fantastic food we will have!!


  1. Everything looks delectable, especially the beef filet! Looking at how juicy it is makes me super hungry! It would be nice to add thinly slice shallots and fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on to the rucola salad, don’t you think?

    Liz Peters

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  3. I agree with Liz. My mouth watered when I saw the delicious photos above. Haha! I wish you can post the recipe or at least give a steak recipe that’s easy for us to do. I want to surprise my parents this weekend by cooking a steak dish for them since I know they’ll love it! :D

    Alex Staff