Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Neverending Story of the Camera Cookies

Five months ago Cecilia was looking for a birthday gift for Mattia. Browsing the web she found some awesome camera shaped cookies, handmade by Manjar Sweets. Unfortunately they didn't ship to Italy :( so, Cecilia begged the very helpful Susana from Manjar, to make an exception. She discovered that Susana was about to travel to Milan... she was so kind to bring these cookies from Texas to Milan and ship them once she arrived to Italy! Just in time.
The fact that you see the pictures right now, after five months, is the proof we are lazy italians...

They are so cool you feel bad eating them, in fact we tried one per type but the rest of them is still kept in the box... it's nice simply to know they exist. But they are delicious!

Susana just opened her first "real" shop in Texas, but if you can't visit it, check out:

Her Etsy shop
Her site, and
Her facebook profile.

Try Manjar's products. We love them!


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