Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Six days to go - a last minute christmas gifts guide

It's six days to Christmas, you're overworked, stressed, and angry because you are late with all the gifts. Don't worry. We want to help you with six ideas for six days to go! We have choosen some cool stuff everybody could appreciate... and food lovers above all the others.

1 - Jamie Oliver's confiture packagings! You can choose between mustard, orange marmalade, apricot jam and many others. (check out the whole site, it's great!)2 - Cloud shaped chopping board by Snug.
3 -
We are totally in love with this panda skillet! So cute. FredFlare imported it from Japan.
4 -
What?! A beer making kit? This is the best gift a girl can buy for her man!! Or her dad. Or brother. Or, uh, for herself. By FredFlare again.
5 -
Funny book about what you should eat "the day after". It offers some creative hangover cures. Useful for everyone in the family after the christmas party. Buy it on Amazon.
6 -
Cane You Join Me Tea Infuser (such a nice name) by ModCloth!


If you need some ideas for your christmas party recipes, we can help you again. Here in Italy, we have some boring traditions about christmas food: a lot of pork, lentils, panettone, every year the same stuff. We found some alternative menus around the web. Our suggestions are:
From the left corner on the top:

- If you already opened Jamie Olivier's site, maybe you noticed all his holiday recipes
- And its "vegetarian christmas" section is worth reading.
- Here you can find some interesting cocktail recipes
- Glazed ham and other delicious plates, on Better Homes & Gardens
- These Candy Cane Truffles looks awesome, and the whole site is very nice.
- Gingerbread biscotti by Chocolate and Carrots, another interesting food site.

This is what we found.
Now, t's time to wrap OUR gift and go shopping for OUR christmas dinner ;)
You will certainly be informed! 
Cheers :)