Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last dinner of summer

We totally love the taste of avocado and salmon together. 
We also love to play with paper, ribbons, scissors and make our plates look nicer!

Preparing these beautiful ten-ingredients-sandwiches we starded daydreaming, talking with Cecilia's mum about the opening of a gourmet sandwich restaurant on a tropical beach somewhere :) The september sun made us think about a life by the sea with cats, music, beer and good stuff to cook everyday.

clicky-click on the photoz to enlarge it!

clicky-click on the photoz to enlarge it!

Ok, let's talk abou these guys. It took a couple of hours to digest them, It was an explosion of flavors (maybe too many) but we can guarantee, if we'll ever open a bar, our stuff would be the best you've  ever eaten.They're made with love <3

Anyway, we had an incredible hot September and some warm days in October. Now that autumn has arrived, we sadly realized that eating in the yard is one of the reasons we miss summer already.
We hope you're having a good beginning of the "cold season", stay warm, drink lots of tea and be happy.

Cheers :)

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