Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goat cheese nightmares

The other day, while at home trying to figure out what to cook for lunch, looking in the fridge we realized our main course was not going to be very glorious, so we had to put some effort in making AT LEAST a good appetizer!
We poured a glass of wine and started pulling out of the fridge everything we had.

This is what our sick minds came up with. Little ciabatta bread lightly grilled on a pan with some olive oil then filled with soft french goat cheese, grilled yellow peppers and italian anchovies. We are unsure if at that point we sank our teeth into these sandwiches we were also completely drunk, but they were really good!

POST SCRIPTUM: Almost a week after eating them we feel totally sane. But while cooking we started thinking the cheese we used could have possibly been possessed by the devil. Again, the cheese is really good but the little mascotte on the box was sort of scary :)

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