Saturday, April 7, 2012

Green Menu

Our first "official" interview! :)
The World Through Green Eyes an online magazine about photography and nature, dedicated some pages on our blog! We reccommend you to check it out here.
Here are the pictures we used for the article, a menu based on the color green.

To start off, a green lasagna made of four different layers: pesto, spinach and ricotta, scamorza, and topped with parmesan cheese crust. Then, skewers with lightly fried artichokes and the remaining scamorza. For dessert, homemade cookies with pistachio ice cream.

All you see below had to be cooked (and eaten) on two separate days: way too much food for us!
Anyways, it was a great experiment, we found the recipe for the lasagna online, but we gave our own twist to it.

And these are the ice cream sandwiches, it was really hard to say no.

Consider this our easter present! Enjoy your holidays and please spare the lambs.

 for the love of God

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