Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stockholm recap

This summer we decided to spend our one-week-holiday in Stockholm, Sweden.
It was wonderful, the city is beautiful, the food was delicious, and everyone in Sweden is so kind, pretty and good-looking! Ok, it's no surprise that Sweden is a cool place, but we wanted to see this wonderland with our own eyes... and we had a blast!

Mini-language course on a blackboard in our hostel. Hilarious and absolutely useful...

1 // Lovely wurstel packaging :)
2 // Best sushi we have ever eaten. With free miso and tea.
3 // Cecilia drinking a blackberry smoothie and eating some salad. On a fabulous wallpaper.
4 // Two lobters made out of bread, in a shop window. 
5 // A delicious snack in one of Gamla Stan bars (the old town).
6 // A tipical swedish dinner, a Räkmacka (a shrimps opened sandwich) and a boiled potato with sour cream and salad.
7 // Compositions with cookies in the morning.
8 // Kanelbullar: swedish cinnamon buns.
9 // Another traditional meal: another Räkmacka, a salmon opened sandwich and some Kanelbullars <3
10 // Waffles are always good. Especially if you are in an amusement park! Yeeeeeaaah Grona Lund was so much fun.
11 // Fudges are always good too!
12 // This is a Rocher fudge. 

Look at that restaurant! We were on the top of a building!

We could live an entire life in a place like this, definitely! But it's so cold. 
For now, we prefer to travel there during the summer :)
Have a good thursday!

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