Monday, February 27, 2012

Yummy finds! #2

Sometimes we post random nice stuff (about food as usual) we find on the web. Like...

You know we love skulls. And tea. These sugar skulls are so cool that it's sad to use them. They're by Dem Boner. What a great idea!

This one is for the ladies - a watermelon skirt and a tutorial explaining you how to thrift it. You can find it on  Delightfully Tacky, it's easy, and it's funny to create something with your hands.

We love this packaging for Sabadì (sounds like Saturday in italian)! These chocolate bars are called “cioccolato di Modica”, a typical sicilian way of making chocolate. Designed by Happycentro, a creative studio from our area.
( Via Behance )

Every child loves removable tattoos. But sometimes adults too... Tattly has so many different tattoos, and this kitchen set is one of our favourite. They are super cute, we also love the Menagerie set (they would be fabulous if they were real!)

In love with this.
( Via Swiss Miss )

We are not into junk food, it's unhealty, ethically wrong and it makes you fat, but hey... this is really a good job! David Iglesias, designer and illustrator of Tender Creative in Manhattan, redesigned the packaging and the existing icon system of Burger King's products:



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