Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The day Mattia almost died in the National Gallery.

We promised London, we'll give you London.
Since breaking traditions is bad, and we are good people, we decided to make fish & chips the main dish of our english diet.  Twice in five days, which is a good average.
Oh don't worry we ate sweets too, but we justify them by saying we needed to drink a hot cup of tea.
But our, of course, was a business/cultural trip so we went to the National Gallery but Mattia didn't see much of it cause he had too many fries five minutes before walkin in, and felt like he was gonna die.
*Personal note: please never eat fried food and pretend it was nothing then quickly pay, walk out in the cold, run on the stairs, walk into a museum smile and start looking at renaissance paintings: you will immediately start puking.

So here they are :)

This is a snack break we had in Brick Lane. Swedish restaurant called Fika

Guess who had which one...

Reason of Mattia's fainting.

Ciao, Ciao :)

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