Monday, November 28, 2011

"Get Ready For Another Slice of Pie!"

-Couldn't think of a more appropriate quote this time. Google it if you need some help ;)

This week we had some of our best friends over and wanted to make something sweet to offer them after dinner (we will make a post soon on what THEY cooked for US that day, stay tuned!)

This is a glorious short pastry chocolate-apple pie.
It's made with few ingredients but we the results are super rich :)

it's almost completely handmade (except for the pastry which we bough in sheets). The cream filling is made with ricotta cheese, sugar, eggs and crumbled chocolate, and the topping by hazelnuts and amaretti, both crumbled.

We made two of them, we had it as dessert and as breakfast for the next two days!

We hope you like it! See you soon (with some thai food…)


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